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Rigid Endoscope Repair

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The following repairs are only applicable to rigid endoscopes. As the complexity of the repair increases, the level it falls under and its cost respectively increases. Each level of repair covers any repairs from previous levels. For example level 3 would include all repairs from levels 1 and 2. 


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Level 1 Repairs

Level 2 Repairs Level 3 Repairs

-  Repair bent insertion tube


-  Replacement of one damaged rod lens


-  Recalibration of FOV and DOV 


-  Replacement of damaged mechanicals


-  Vacuum sealing an eye piece


-  Complete interior cleaning  


-  Replacement of damaged objective lens


-  Replacement of damaged eye piece


-  Replacement of prism 


-  Replacement of saphire distal window


-  Preventative maintenance 





-  Replacing insertion tube or fibers


-  Replacement of ocular lens


-  Recalibration of field and direction of view


-  Mechanical functionality test


-  Vacuum seal eye piece


-  Complete interior cleaning  


-  Preventative maintenance