Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of Terms


This section of web site includes services provided by United Medical Suppliers Inc. The posted guidelines or rules applicable to particulars are referred to as "Terms and Conditions"which govern your use of the Site and Services. All products and information have been supplied by the manufacturer (error and omissions excepted). Our website does not list all products available through us but a comprehensive selection of products. Please consult with one off our representatives or customer service before purchasing. We have been very diligent to match products with photos, some may not be exactly as shown, photo shown may include additional accessories or optional parts. 


Payment Terms


Payment terms will be based on mutual agreement. We accept wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal at point of sale. Interest charges will apply to overdue accounts along with if  "ANY lEGAL FEES CLAIMS WILL BE AT YOUR EXPENSE"

Cheques To: United Medical Suppliers Inc.


Repair Policy


Declined or Not approved : In most cases an inspection fee of $275 would apply if declined or not approved Warranty terms will last for 3 months for Flexible and 1 year for Rigids endoscope.

The customer shall be responsible for parts and labor charges for any and all repairs determined by United Medical Suppliers which may be caused by misuse, mishandling, excessive wear & tear, or accidental damage.

The customer shall be responsible for any and all shipping charges incurred, if equipment is determined to be damaged through misuse or mishandling.

Please note that if any unforseen damage is found to the CCD chip during or after the repair, the scope will be re-qioted accordingly.

Warranty shall be null and void if determined by United Medical Suppliersn that the equipment has been sent to an outside vendor for parts or labor during the warranty period.
Warranty shall also be voided should the equipment be sold to another individual or company.
EXAMPLES of client misuse, mishandling, or accidental damage include:
Puncturing the scopes internal tubing with biopsy forceps, cleaning brush, or other items.
Dropping or knocking equipment.
Flooding of scope or equipment through failure to adhere to leak test procedures or misuse.
Instruments closed or slammed in cabinet, doorway, or similar structures.


There May Be Further Instances Of Accidental Damage Not Listed Above, In Which The Warranty Will Not Cover Parts Or Labor Charges, United Medical Suppliers Reseves The Right To Make This Determination.


Warranty agreement shall begin on date the client receive s the repaired scope and shall run concurrently for 3 months, including weekends and holidays until expiration.


Sales Policy


We have a 2 day return policy. If our equipment is delivered in less than acceptable condition as represented during the sales process, we will either replace, repair or refund your money. All sales are final.

Attention Sale: Our purchase policy is as follows unless stated different prior to sale:

All equipment is assumed to be in good working condition. Unless otherwise noted, all scopes have nobuckling in the insertion tube, no boot extenders and no chemical damage to theinsertion tube, eyepiece and/or light guide connector. Fiberscopes have less than 5 broken fibersand the image is clear (no staining and/or yellowing). In addition, the video scopes have no videochip problems and/or RGB dots. All video processors and light sources areassumed to have pigtails, keyboards, all necessary video cables, and waterbottles. Due to potential damage from continued use and disinfecting, thispreliminary offer is contingent upon formal inspection and condition ofequipment at time of delivery.


Return Goods Policy

The following is required:

Account number
Invoice and or purchase order number
Item number
Quantity and unit of measure
Lot number and or serial number and or expiry date
Specific reason for return
Packing slip and shipment number
All returns must be approved with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) prior to returning goods. Returns will not be accepted without RMA approval form accompanying the return product. Items are to be packaged carefully and clearly marked" RMA" on outside of package.Stock items are eligible for return within 5 working days of purchase if unmarked, undamaged, in orginal packaging and in resaleable condition. A restocking charge may apply depending on the item and location. Special order items are not returnable for credit.Defective items, return the remaining portion of the product and enclose a note explaining why it is for defective along with the RMA.


Orders & Shipping


Orders are normally processed the day of receipt. Most products are shipped by courier for next day delivery, longer for remote locations. Orders may be subject to shipping and fuel and handling charges.Dangerous goods outlined by the Ministry of Transportation as "dangerous goods" are subject to additional.

The posted guidelines or rules applicable to particulars are referred to as "Terms and Conditions "which govern your (customers across the health care industry) use of the Site and Services.



United Medical Suppliers Inc. is not reponsible for any damages to products that are not assessed during inspection. United Medical Suppliers Inc. will not be held responsible for any products lost or damaged through the shipping process that are not covered by the customer's personal insurance. 


Important Notice

Proper Reprocessing of Medical Equipment

Attention all customers, 

At UMS,  we are Concerned for your safety and that of your customers. We want yo remind you to Clean and  Disinfect  / Sterilize (as Appropriate) in accordance with OEM instruction Manual  / Reprocessing guide. 

Endoscopes Should be always be reprocessed under the following conditions:

a). When received equipment from our repair shop, or bought new

b). Before you send the equipment to our repair shop 

c). Before selling to your customer, Before using on your patient and immedicate after every procedure

UMS is wholeseller and selling equipment AS IS